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Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 class times.

Qigong originated in China and practices have been refined over thousands of years, creating as many as a thousand different styles.

Today the most popular application of qigong is for healing others and self healing by opening the bodies meridians and

directing energy (qi).

Shibashi is a form of Moving Qigong, consisting of 18 healing movements. It can be practiced indoors or outdoors, in sitting or in standing. It is a slow and gentle, mindful movement sequence, which is both very effective and easy to learn.


"I have had a lot of issues with my hamstrings. I have not been able to sit for long periods without considerable pain, probably related to my work as a foot care nurse. I have used a ROHO cushion for several years, taking it everywhere I go, even on airplanes.

Four weeks ago I decided to try not to use it. I discovered I was okay without it. The big test is my trip to N.S. I have the cushion on hand in the event I need it. After 12 hours of driving yesterday, I have no pain. Amazing! The only thing I can attribute it to is Shibashi. I have been faithful with practicing 5 mornings a week." Lou

Follow up testimonial-

"My hamstrings are great. No pain!!

6 months of practicing Shibashi and 5 months pain free.

Shibashi starts my day 6-7 days a week. I now practice it at 4pm daily and find my sleeping difficulties have improved. Yehhhh Shibashi!!" Lou