Oak Street Pilates & Rehabilitation


Lynn is a big fan of these products, particularly the Grip Collection, which are designed to improve grip during classes. For more information, please contact Gazel Chamberlain, our Toesox local distributor at (705) 324 3819, or visit toesoxcanada.ca

WAGS - Wrist assured Gloves

Suffering from wrist pain during PIlates or Yoga sessions? Try a pair of WAGS.

How do WAGs work?

A contoured, gel wedge is inserted in the palm of WAGs. This reduces the extreme angle at the wrist and distributes pressure evenly across the palm to off load the joint and ease the strain. The unique shape of the gel pad supports your hand & wrist while the V cut-out averts pressure on the median nerve where it crosses the wrist.

Push-ups without wrist pain –No Problem!

Picture yourself moving through your yoga, Pilates and Fitness sequence with fluid continuous motion free of nagging wrist & thumb pain. Your wrist pain may be due to weakness, overuse, an injury, arthritis or tendonitis. If supporting weight on your hands is uncomfortable, slip on a pair of WAGs and feel the difference.